Liivi and Will - Healthy Wealthy Traveller

It’s not a “trip”, it’s a lifestyle!

That’s our unofficial motto during this time in our lives. We were both restless and disgruntled with the 9-5 model, so we decided to shed those mantles (manacles?) and do something different.

We are exploring North and Central America looking for life lessons, wacky experiences or flashes of inspiration that will undoubtedly shape our future.

We want to share these bits of humor, misfortune and wisdom with you in the hopes that you’ll be entertained and maybe find a little something useful to apply to your own travels.

About Will

Will NicolsonWill is the guy who always makes everyone feel comfortable. He will never hesitate to treat you like a neighbour and draw you in for a friendly chat and a joke or two. Or he might just befuddle you with complex witticisms.

Hailing from Queenstown, New Zealand, Will is an environmental manager by trade, but (maybe not so) secretly aspires to be a full-time outdoorsy guy slash self-subsistent farmer. His future ambitions include single-handedly replanting all of NZ with native species while also single-handedly reeling in numerous (non-native) fish. Will is always seeking to live the good life, but insists on doing everything thoroughly and properly in the process. He is your guy if you are looking for straight-up advice tinged with infallible humor. Will is “the reasonable one” of the couple and balances out my whims and impulses.

Learn more about Will’s environmental capabilities at Nicolson Environmental.

About Liivi

Liivi HessAs so eloquently implied above, Liivi is the inspiration behind this venture, throwing out ideas left right and centre (only some of them being completely bat-shit crazy) for achieving new highs and mixing things up as much as possible. Liivi is a determined go-getter, and likes nothing more than to throw accepted norms back in the faces of those who would seek to chain her to a life of mundanity and stereotypes. Liivi inspires people to achieve more than just an everyday run-of-the-mill type life, and I’m grateful for her pivotal role in steering me away from thinking that “normal” is a good thing.

Raised in the sleepy town of Cambridge, Ontario (Canada), Liivi has a background in interior design but quickly found that this wasn’t for her. Realising her passion for health and improving people’s livelihoods, she worked overtime to attain a holistic health coach certification and secure an alternative health blogging job to keep the cash coming in while we’re on the road. Liivi loves delving into the unknown, meeting new people and doing crazy new things. She balances my excessive logicality by lobbing in sideballs of quirk and impulse, making us a team well equipped to take on the many challenges thrown at us on the road with a sort of reasoned chaos.

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