RV Dictionary

Want to walk the walk (drive an RV) but can’t talk the talk (talk shit to a fellow RV enthusiast)? We’re here to help! Scroll through our list of RV jargon so you can happily converse with the most avid of RV buffoons.

BLM” = Bureau of Land Management. Something akin to gods in the American RV world, these guys provide free public “dispersed” camping in natural areas. Bless their souls!

“blackwater” = sewage (i.e. poopies and peepees). You’ve got three holding tanks on your RV – one is for potable water (your freshwater tank), one is for used tap water (your greywater tank) and one is for sewage (blackwater).

boondocking” = essentially, staying somewhere in your RV without hookups. For us, this typically involved parking up for a night or two on BLM land

dump station” = essentially a small hole in the ground where you can dump your collected “sanitary” unmentionables

full hookups” = RV campsites¬†with electrical plugins, sewer disposal, and water connections so you can glamp it up in your RV

pull-through” = pretty self-explanatory really, this refers to those sites at a campground which don’t require you to back into your spot

Reefer” = used to describe an RV’s three-way built-in fridge

“Regulator” = this screws on to the municipal water tap at one end and your potable water hose on the other, and regulates water level fluctuations.

RV” = Recreational Vehicle

toad” = a colloquial term for the small vehicle you tow behind you RV. Other RV nutters might also refer to this as a “dinghy”

wallydock” = one of the more ridiculous RV terms for camping overnight in a Walmart parking lot