The Route (version 1.0)

The subject line says version 1.0, but really it’s more like 17.0

We have been quietly planning to cut loose and become professional vagrants for quite some time. Things got real when we found ourselves the (somewhat) proud new owners of 1989 Ford Econoline 350 Elite.

This 20-foot beast has the unenviable task of schlepping us across North America, down through Central America and back up again.

Currently the rough plan is as follows:

  • depart Toronto in early July 2015
  • moseying on up around the Great Lakes, across Northern Ontario
  • dashing across the prairies as fast as our hunk of junk will carry us (it’s a Canadian rite of passage)
  • arriving in Banff, Alberta in mid-July to enjoy the lush, craggy delights of the Rockies
  • crossing the border south of Calgary and meandering down through the dusty landscapes of Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico (we may leave the RV in the States and decide to fly south)
  • saying hola to Mexico around late September/early October and exploring Mexico City, the Yucatan peninsula, and everything in between. We are looking forward to the Dia de los Muertos and the monarch butterfly migration (end of October).
  • shacking up in various beachy and jungley locales throughout Central America – we might over-winter here if we find a favourite spot!
  • eventually making the haul back up to the States, rejoining with the RV and exploring our way up the West Coast, from San Diego to Tofino.
  • final destination: Vancouver, and from here fly to NZ. We will be moving back to NZ at this point.

We will be making lots of new friends along the way, and crossing paths with old ones! Are you on the road? Drop us a line and let’s link up.

4 thoughts on “The Route (version 1.0)

  1. Liivi, see on lihtsalt suurepärane. Olen mõtetes teiega ja hakkan kindlasti blogi jälgima, palun lihtsalt palju postitusi ja pilte.
    Olge tublid!


  2. Hi Guys:

    Hope all is well, on your Memory making adventure. How is that hunk of gunk anyway. God, I hope there is good news.

    Me? well the phone is ringing and Pat is looking at me though glass, you know Like Stone Sour. ha.

    My thoughts sometime wonder, I tend to Imagine where you are. I can invision both of you in the beast just taking in the sites, with anticipation and relaxation, somewhere on the hwy, brave souls.

    Luck and Happines to you both,


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